Power in your pocket

Moku:Go is a portable lab you can take anywhere. It includes 2 or 4 channel programmable power supply options, integrated alongside 8 instruments like an oscilloscope, data logger, PID controller, and more.

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Control directly from your laptop

Our intuitive user interface is accessible from your Mac or PC, making it easy to design, test, and modify your experiments or projects anywhere in real time.


Key Features

Fully programmable
Up to four independently adjustable power supply channels

Voltage and current options
• Constant voltage or current mode
• Auto overvoltage and overcurrent protection

Integrated instruments
• Oscilloscope
• Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator
• PID Controller
• Arbitrary Waveform Generator
• Waveform Generator
• Frequency Response Analyzer
• Data Logger
• Spectrum Analyzer


Op-amp characterization

USB device powering

LED / laser diode power supply


Moku:Go Datasheet
Moku:Go's Power Supply Datasheet

Software & APIs

Monitor, display, or generate multiple digital signals with Moku software for Windows or Mac, or with integrations for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Available on Moku:Go hardware (Models M1, M2)

Moku:Go comes in 3 versions with varied power integration to ensure the perfect fit for your projects. Choose between no power supplies (M0), 2 channels (M1), or 4 channels (M2).

Output voltage and current levels:
• Channel 1: -5 V to +5 V, 0 to 150 mA
• Channel 2: 0 to +16 V, 0 to 150 mA
• Channel 3 & 4: 0.6 V to +5 V, 0.06 to 1 A

Intuitive software for Windows and Mac

Configure your power supplies through an easy to access pop out window with Moku software. Free and easy to use, all 8 instruments are included with no software license required.

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Multiple integrated instruments

Moku:Go’s power supplies run in tandem with any of the 8 additional instruments, so you can supply power to a system and characterize it simultaneously. For example, you can supply power to an op-amp and build an active filer that can be characterized by Moku:Go’s Frequency Response Analyzer.

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Explore photodiode applications

Build an optical device, and use Moku:Go to power the laser, LED, and photodiode.

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Moku:Go features a suite of eight instruments

Replace multiple instruments with a single device that has everything students need for a fraction of the cost.