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Liquid Instruments integrates ChatGPT into Moku devices, further transforming test and measurement for the digital age

Generative AI enables engineers to quickly develop and deploy sophisticated test equipment customizations using natural language commands

SAN DIEGO and CANBERRA, Australia — May 9, 2023Liquid Instruments, a leading provider of innovative, software-defined test and measurement solutions, today announced the integration of the ChatGPT language model into its Moku family of products. This evolution gives scientists and engineers new ways to generate custom field-programmable gate array (FPGA) code that is instantly deployable to Moku devices, without needing any prior knowledge of digital logic design or programming.

Traditional test and measurement equipment often falls short in supporting complex experiments or designing advanced products with unique requirements. To overcome this challenge, engineers and scientists turn to higher-performance solutions offered through user-programmable FPGAs. However, this approach can be time-consuming and difficult to implement for users with little to no FPGA experience.

To expedite FPGA programming, ChatGPT now seamlessly integrates with Moku Cloud Compile, a feature developed by Liquid Instruments that allows users to deploy custom bitstreams on their Moku devices. With ChatGPT, engineers and technicians can use natural language commands to quickly develop VHDL code that previously would have taken significant time and effort. Rather than relying on software simulations or post-processing, Moku users can instantly deploy the code to their device’s FPGA, enabling real-time interaction with real-world signals and bringing the power of FPGA coding to more users than ever before.

“Our flexible, modern platform easily integrates with next-generation AI tools like ChatGPT, and as these tools evolve, the adaptability of our software-defined approach to test and measurement will keep us on the leading edge of innovation in this space,” said Daniel Shaddock, co-founder and CEO of Liquid Instruments. “Combining AI with Moku Cloud Compile speeds up testing and opens new opportunities for researchers, engineers, and scientists to expand the limits of what’s possible with our devices. We’re excited to see the impact this will have on our user base and their discoveries.”

This streamlined workflow allows an engineer of any level of experience to ask ChatGPT to create complex VHDL code, which can be entered into Moku Cloud Compile and instantly deployed to a Moku device. Example use cases include advanced triggering logic and real-time signal processing for applications such as time-gated measurements of infrequent events or signal conditioning of sensor data.

On Wednesday, May 24, Liquid Instruments will host a live webinar for audiences in North America to share more details about the ChatGPT integration, including how engineers and scientists can accelerate success on Moku devices and leverage the AI language model to better accomplish a range of tasks, from debugging code to data anomaly detection. Register for the webinar here.

On Thursday, May 25, Liquid Instruments will host a live webinar for European audiences. Register for the European session here.

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