Moku:Go PID Controller

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The Moku:Go PID Controller features two fully configurable PID controllers with an output sampling rate of >2.5 MSa/s. This enables them to be used in applications requiring both low and high feedback bandwidths such as current or robotic arm control. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to directly adjust the PID parameters on the Bode plot. You can monitor the effects of the change with the built-in oscilloscope in real time, which makes the Moku:Go PID Controller the best tool for control system labs.



Number of PID controllers

Gain profiles
Proportional (P), integral (I), differential (D), double-integral (I+), integral saturation (IS), differential saturation (DS)

DAC resolution

Phase lag
<30° at 20 kHz

Control matrix linear gain
± 0.1 to ± 20

Input offset range
-2.5 to +2.5 V

Output offset range
-2.5 to +2.5 V

Offset precision
3 mV

Proportional gain
-60 dB to 60 dB

Integrator crossover frequency
12.5 mHz to 31.25 kHz

Differentiator crossover frequency
3.125 Hz to 312.5 kHz

Key features

Versatile input
2 channels with optional blending for MIMO systems

Intuitive user interface
Block diagram view of the digital signal processing chain. Monitor the signal flow with built-in probe points, before and after the controller.

Interactive PID designer
Design your PID controller using the interactive Bode plot. Monitor the time and frequency domain response in real-time.

Advanced mode
Advanced multi-section PID builder with single or double integrators and differentiators with low- and high frequency gain saturation


Feedback and control systems design

Temperature regulation

Pressure, force, flow rate, and other controls

Scan heads/sample stage positioning


Moku:Go Datasheet
Moku:Go's PID Controller Datasheet
User Manual
Moku:Go’s Spectrum Analyzer User Manual

App Notes
Bitgrowth via Oversampling
PID Controller Lab - Ziegler-Nichols Method

Software & APIs

Wirelessly configure and monitor your control system, all from intuitive Moku software for Windows or macOS, or with APIs for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Intuitive software for Windows and Mac

Design, configure, and monitor your control system with Moku software. Free and easy to use, all instruments are included with no software license required.

Try it in demo mode

Monitor the behavior of the PID controller in real time

With all-digital implementation, you can monitor the signal before and after the PID controller in real time with the built-in oscilloscope. Any adjustment on the controller parameters reflects on the output in real time. No additional test and measurement equipment is required to monitor the system response.


Interactive PID configurator

The Moku:Go PID configurator allows you to design the PID by gain (Ki, Kp, Kd) or frequency (Kp, integrator, and differentiator crossover frequencies) profiles. You can directly drag the cursors on the interactive Bode plot to shape the frequency response of the controller. All design methodologies allow you to set low- and high-frequency saturation.


Available on Moku:Go hardware

A powerful FPGA paired with a high-quality analog front-end make Moku:Go the most robust hardware in education, capable of complex, real-time digital signal processing. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and programmable power supplies ensure that students have the complete solution they need all four years (and beyond).

Moku:Go features a suite of integrated instruments

Replace multiple instruments with a single device that has everything students need for a fraction of the cost.