Here’s a selection of downloadable documents for Moku:Lab and its instruments. For a database of FAQs, you can visit the Knowledge Base.


Moku:Lab Spec Sheet

Getting Started

Moku:Lab Quick Start Guide

Instrument Datasheets

Arbitrary Waveform Generator Datasheet
Data Logger Datasheet
Digital Filter Box Datasheet
FIR Filter Builder Datasheet
Frequency Response Analyzer Datasheet
Laser Lock Box Datasheet
Lock-in Amplifier Datasheet
Oscilloscope Datasheet
Phasemeter Datasheet
PID Controller Datasheet
Spectrum Analyzer Datasheet
Waveform Generator Datasheet

Instrument User Manuals

Arbitrary Waveform Generator Manual
Data Logger User Manual
Digital Filter Box User Manual
FIR Filter Builder User Manual
Frequency Response Analyzer Manual
Laser Lock Box User Manual
Lock-in Amplifier User Manual
Oscilloscope User Manual
Phasemeter User Manual
PID Controller User Manual
Spectrum Analyzer User Manual
Waveform Generator User Manual